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We have an experienced legal team working to help people recover from serious financial setbacks or mistreatment by employers.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Joint or Individual Bankruptcy in Missouri or Kansas only $999.00 plus filing fee and administration fee if paid in full on initial date of hire.  Payment plans are also available.

Estate Planning

Wills for Husband & Wife only $750* Living Trusts Special Purpose/Needs Trust Irrevocable Trusts Durable Powers of Attorney Living Wills or Advance Healthcare Directives.

Family Law

Family law describes an area of law which governs family relationships. It is also known as Domestic Law because the rules define all types of relationships between members of a family but also interactions with society.

Employment Discrimination

Contingency Fee representation in all discrimination cases with a free consultation. Cost Deposit of $300 required to file suit in Missouri or Kansas.

Criminal Defense

When you are faced with any criminal charge from a speeding ticket or DWI to serious felonies, rely on the experience of Kinney & Associates, LLC to defend your rights.

Disability Law

If you are facing a medical disability that limits your ability to earn a living, let the Law Offices of Kinney & Associates, LLC help you navigate the complex Social Security Disability claims process.

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The law system is complicated, make your life simple and hire an attorney. We are here to solve your problems!


here are many cases in which an attorney can help you solve your problems. Maybe you are facing a divorce or your rights have been violated, you have been charged for a felony or you need an estate planning, these are few of the cases in which the support of an attorney is essential. An attorney can offer you full support in every situation and his experience it is very useful in solving your problems. Furthermore, a lawyer knows very well the law system and every aspect of it and how to apply it.


ttorneys know how to file legal documents and give guidance to their clients regarding the legal procedures they need to follow in some cases. With the help of an attorney you can properly file court documents without any problems. In this way any pressure that you might feel will disappear in no time.


lawyer knows how to investigate a case and bring relevant evidence to court. Most of the time, good attorneys know other professionals, such as expert eyewitnesses and private detectives and together with their help, they will build a solid case and bring new evidence in order to support it. In most of the cases, by not having a lawyer to defend you it may cost you more. You will feel lost in the complicated law system and your expenses will increase if you try to defend by yourself in court or to solve a legal issue that you are facing.


he support of an attorney is essential when you want to close a business, when you sign a contract, when you encounter family problems or you are facing discrimination at your work place or in cases when you are charged for a crime. Our team of lawyers has great experience in solving any type of case and a good knowledge of the legal system. They are here to serve your best interests.


Kinney & Associates will not charge you for a dime until your case has been successfully closed.

We will help you save your money. When you do not know how to plead in court, the experience of our attorneys will help you decide upon the most successful method by offering you a face-to-face consultation. With the help of an attorney any severe penalty can be avoided even before the trial. Kinney & Associates LLC offers the best legal services in Kansas City, Missouri. We help you plan ahead! Do not get buried in details.


I was very hesitant about the idea of filing for bankruptcy and dreading the whole process of having to find a good attorney to help me through it. Then I came across the office of Kinney and Associates. My bankruptcy was fairly quick, inexpensive, and stress-free. Thanks.

Mark F., Father of two

Kinney and Associates was invaluable in helping us through a difficult time. They walked us through the process and made it easy. They are fast, friendly, inquisitive, easy to talk to, extremely thorough and very fairly priced. We will continue to use them as our business expands.

Erik White, Small business owner

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